Love is an amalgamation or combination of caring, mutual understanding, sentiments, understanding, affection, attraction, emotions, and feelings, etc. It is a complex compound set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, liking, resentments, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

Love is a feeling which is very amazing and most wonderful feeling in the whole world; no one or any feeling can compare that. When you are deeply in love then you don’t think about any religion, any society because of that time you are in love and you forgot all the bad things only you keep remember you are in love. Love relation is very unique no one can understand your feeling.

Love is a feeling which can happen at any point in life with anyone or anywhere in this world it does not consider any boundaries or restriction it is bondless or bound free. Love is never greedy and voracious, it’s self-sacrificing and selfless. Love is a very beautiful and most magnificent feeling which exists in the world or in this universe.

Love may be serious with someone or not but if really anybody serious with their partner then how any condition they want to get in life. In case they take any action with him/her and destroy their life.  If you really find any solution then you will go through till on the root and understand what the actual problem is.

Some problems and obstacles to which merely couples face in their life:

  • Sometimes partner does not agree and deny for the relationship
  • Fear of society or society norms
  • Desire love partner
  • Priority issues
  • Deficiency of time
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of mutual understanding
  • Financial issue
  • Not love with each other
  • And many more apart from mentioned

Many people face many problems but sometimes problems solved according to time. Love problem is a very big problem for today’s generations.

Problem and obstacles which arise before love relationship

  • Disagreements of parents
  • Take a risk with life
  • Want to desire choice
  • Don’t Accept the love proposal
  • Love is blind
  • And many more apart from mentioned

These are the issues which are usually created in the love life or in the relationship and makes hurdle in the life of the couples. All people love firstly with their mothers because firstly they spend their 9 month time with beautiful feelings. After that when peoples are going to mature and being mature to take their life decision on their own and according to their own choices in their life.

But sometimes a parent does not approve of the relationship because it is not considered by then as their according and they think that their children are not taking the right decision in their life or not capable to make their decision on their own. At that time they can take the help of the black magic to deal with the issues.

Upbringing is not complete or they are not given all sacraments according to society but it’s all are wrong. They know well all things only they want to desire a person in life by which they can spend their life with many love understandable people and life. But to understand your children’s prospectus is quite a good thing might be they are right or might they are taken the right decision about their choice in life.

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