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How to Put the Spark Back Into Your Marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful feeling in the world. In marriage people tied in the knot forever with each other. There are many people who are not happy with their marriage. But if you want to enjoy your married life once again then put the spark of love again in your marriage life. The first […]

4 Tips to Save your Marriage from Divorce

Marriage is an uncontaminated and blessed bond between two people’s, in marriage the two individual and couples shares the rest of their life with each other or together. It is based on the spiritual powers and rituals. Marriage is the lifetime bond between the two partners which is created by the choice of god and […]

Kala Jadu to Keep Happiness Alive in life

We go through many different phases in our life some are sweeter and bitter; this is why happiness gets out of life and it goes towards worse.  If you are going through such kind of situation then you have to take help of Kala Jadu to keep happiness alive in life. Kala Jadu is the […]

Amal To Get Overcome Of Conflict in A Relationship

Amal To Get Overcome Of Conflict in A Relationship; Usually, conflict and crisis are normal in a relation. There is no one couple who can say that their relation doesn’t ever go through conflict, Once a while conflict banish everything from a relation. If you are the one who gets bothered then here is Amal […]

Tricks to Make Marriage Happier    

To make a marriage long lasting healthier, the contribution of the couples and understanding is the essential thing to have because marriage goes on many rock roads. If your marriage is going through some difficulties then there are Tricks to Make Marriage Happier .  As you know, marriage work optimally, when both the parties have a […]

Ibadat to make love marriage successful

Ibadat is the best tactic of Muslim to resolve issues, whether it is love, love marriage, lost love or something else.  Today’s most of the people use tactic for a resolve love related issue.  If something going with, that affecting your love marriage then here is Ibadat to make love marriage successful.  When people get […]

Effective Way To Get Back Spark Of Love In Marriage

At the start up of marriage,  relation go with thrill, fun, excitement, both people find time of their spouse, share everything with them, and strive to stay together both hanging of their word, thinking about their spouse, in essence, everything go perfect and exiting between both of them.  But somewhere along the way, the fun, […]

Ishtikhara to Resolve Disputes from Marriage

Marriage is the wonderful relation in a human being, that is full of joy, harmony, and affection but sometimes something went wrong in a relationship, therefore, harmony gets fizzle out form a relationship and disputes start occurred.  If you are also from those couples then here is Ishtikhara to resolve disputes from marriage offered by […]

Pasand Ki Shadi K Liye Taweez

 +91-9571395693: Today’s generation, everyone wants to get married with their desired one,  wanna grow with them, but getting married to someone is not easier as people think the cause of having culture and orthodox thinking.  If you are from that want get love marriage then we would like to suggest you Pasand Ki Shadi K Liye […]